Commercial Automatic Doors

Commercial Automatic doors offer businesses several advantages, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. Firstly, they provide convenience and ease of access. By automatically opening and closing, these doors eliminate the need for customers to physically push or pull them, making entry and exit effortless for individuals with disabilities, parents with strollers, or customers carrying heavy items. This inclusivity improves overall customer satisfaction and promotes a positive image for the business.

Secondly, automatic doors contribute to energy efficiency. These doors have sensors that detect movement, allowing them to open only when someone approaches. This feature minimizes unnecessary heat exchange, stabilizing indoor temperature and reducing energy loss. By preventing drafts and maintaining a comfortable environment, businesses can save on heating and cooling costs, resulting in long-term energy savings.

commercial automatic doors

Types of Commercial Automatic Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors: These doors have sensors that detect motion and automatically open and close in a sliding motion. They are popular in supermarkets, airports, and office buildings.

Automatic Swinging Doors: These doors swing open or closed automatically when someone approaches. They are often used in restaurants, retail stores, and healthcare facilities.

Automatic Revolving Doors: Revolving doors have multiple panels rotating around a central axis. They allow a continuous flow of pedestrian traffic and are commonly used in large commercial buildings, hotels, and airports.

Automatic Folding Doors:  Folding doors open and close by folding their panels to the sides, creating a wide opening for people to pass through. They are suitable for areas with limited space and are commonly used in shops and small entrances.

Automatic Telescopic Doors: Telescopic doors have multiple narrow panels that slide into each other when opened, maximizing the available door opening width. They are commonly used in places with limited space and high traffic, like airports and shopping malls.

Automatic Hermetic Doors: Hermetic doors are airtight and designed for environments with specific hygiene requirements, such as hospitals, laboratories, and clean rooms.

Automatic Revolving Sliding Doors: These doors combine features of revolving and sliding doors, providing a larger opening and improved energy efficiency. They are commonly used in large commercial buildings and shopping centers.

Automatic Balance Doors: Balance doors are double-leaf doors that automatically swing open in one direction while the other leaf swings in the opposite direction to maintain the airlock effect. They are often used in areas where temperature control is essential, such as restaurants and hospitals.

Automatic Access Control Doors: These doors are equipped with access control systems, such as keycard readers or biometric scanners, to restrict entry to authorized personnel. They are commonly used in office buildings and secure facilities.

It's important to note that the availability of specific types of automatic commercial doors may vary depending on the location and local building codes.

Lastly, automatic doors enhance the flow of foot traffic. In busy establishments like retail stores or shopping centers, traditional doors can cause congestion and delays as customers wait for others to enter or exit. On the other hand, automatic doors facilitate a smooth and continuous flow of people. They can open quickly and provide a wider opening, accommodating multiple customers simultaneously.

This efficient movement of customers enhances the overall operational efficiency of the business and ensures a seamless shopping experience. Overall, the advantages of automatic doors for businesses include improved accessibility, energy efficiency, and optimized foot traffic flow. By investing in these modern door systems, companies can create a welcoming environment, reduce energy costs, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to a positive customer experience and increased profitability.

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