Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding door operators and doors create a welcoming and functional entryway to your business. Commercial sliding glass doors provide convenience and allow patrons to enter the property quickly and safely. ASSA ABLOY (formerly Southwest Entrances) offers touchless sliding door solutions that will make your facility entrances more convenient and secure.

Installing automatic commercial sliding doors can offer several benefits to your business.

Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

Enhanced Customer Experience: Automatic sliding doors provide a seamless and convenient entry and exit for customers, making it easier for people of all ages and abilities to access your business. This can create a positive first impression and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Improved Accessibility: These doors are particularly beneficial for people with disabilities, the elderly, parents with strollers, and those carrying heavy items. Automatic sliding doors comply with accessibility regulations and demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity.

Energy Efficiency: Automatic sliding doors open and close quickly, reducing the amount of air exchange between the inside and outside of the building. This action helps to maintain a more stable indoor temperature, leading to potential energy savings on heating and cooling costs.

Traffic Management: In high-traffic areas, automatic sliding doors facilitate a smooth flow of people in and out of the building. They can prevent congestion and improve the overall efficiency of foot traffic, especially during busy periods.

Aesthetics and Space Utilization: Automatic sliding doors provide a modern, sleek entrance appearance, enhancing your business's overall aesthetics. They also save space compared to swinging doors, making them ideal for areas with limited space near the entryway.

Hygiene and Safety: In the wake of public health concerns or during seasonal flu outbreaks, automatic sliding doors can reduce the need for people to touch door handles, minimizing the potential spread of germs. Additionally, they have safety features like sensors that detect obstructions, preventing accidents and injuries.

automatic sliding door installed by Southwest Entrances

Brand Perception: Installing automatic sliding doors reflects a modern and innovative image for your business. It can enhance your brand perception, signaling that your company is up-to-date with the latest technologies and cares about providing a comfortable experience for customers.

Security and Access Control: Automatic sliding doors can be integrated with access control systems, such as keycards or biometric readers, allowing you only to regulate entry to authorized personnel. This can improve security and protect sensitive areas of your business.

Installing automatic commercial sliding doors can positively impact your business by creating a more inviting and efficient environment for customers and employees.

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